Turn Your Customers Into Mystery Shoppers

Proactively measure the in-store experience with insights from the people who know your brand the best – your customers.


Meet Stella Pulse

Stella Pulse turns traditional mystery shopping on its head by activating your actual customers as mystery shoppers. With Stella Pulse, you create mystery shopping ‘Missions’, which your customers complete in store, in real-time. Rather than paying cash for mystery shops, you instead reward your own customers with incentives like loyalty points or discounts.

How Stella Pulse is Changing the Game

  • Build Scale

    By not paying out cash per shop, you can dramatically increase the scale of your mystery shopping program, making it more representative and actionable.

  • Increase Relevance

    By recruiting customers directly from your existing database, you ensure all evaluations are conducted by people genuinely knowledgeable about your brand.

  • Get More Holistic Insights

    By using actual customers you can obtain both the objective insights of mystery shopping — what actually happened in-store — and the subjective insights of VoC surveys. In real-time.

  • Drive Loyalty

    The gamified nature of Stella Pulse Missions creates engaged brand insiders; rewarding them through points or incentives drives loyalty and repeat purchase.

The New Way to Mystery Shop

Leveraging customers to conduct your mystery shops reduces costs, increases accuracy and scale and builds deeper customer loyalty. Discover how Stella Pulse works.

Custom Data Collection

Looking to conduct competitive analysis? Have a complex buyer journey that may not be appropriate to leverage your own customers for? Our nationwide network of shopping analysts can help.