Reinventing Mystery Shopping


Stella Pulse takes a totally new approach to mystery shopping. Setting up, executing and measuring your customer experience is quick and easy, using our powerful yet intuitive software platform.

Build Your Mission

Decide on the objective data points you want customers to collect on your behalf. Our team of research specialists have honed the most effective methodologies and will work with you to ensure you uncover the insights that really matter.

Create Your Audience

Use your existing customer database to build an audience segment most appropriate for your Mission. You may choose to start with a broad cross-section of customers or a hyper-targeted group depending on your specific objectives.

Send Invites

Trigger SMS, email or in-app invites to target customers with details of the Mission and the incentives on offer. The gamified nature of Missions generates high levels of engagement and drives increased brand loyalty.

Gather Insights

Customers who participate in your Mission will collect insights in real-time using the Stella Pulse platform directly on their mobile device. This in-the-moment focus maximizes accuracy and relevance.

Quality Assurance

Stella Pulse combines a rigorous human and algorithmic QA process that is applied to every Mission conducted by your customers. We understand that poor quality data undermines confidence and can have a significant operational impact, which is why we won’t be beaten on data accuracy.


Data will be available to you on dashboards in real-time, as it gets submitted by your customers, enabling you to swiftly act on the insights. This data will enable you to keep the pulse on your customer experience in a way that is consistent and actionable across all your stores. Our team of research specialists will work alongside you to refine and optimize your Missions for maximum operational benefits to your business.